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Earlier this month, the prestigious Elite Traveler Magazine — authorities on all things luxury — published its "Top 50 Watches of 2017" list. The multi-page cover feature is a behemoth reportage of the top watches to enter the market in 2017. The carefully curated selection was made by Elite Traveler contributing editor, Roberta Naas. The 34-year watch-industry journalist is the author of six books on watches and founder of www.ATimelyPerspective.com — the online e-zine.

The Top 50 Watches were selected based on a host of important criteria: 1) they had to be new this year; 2) they had to carry a retail price of more than $10,000 (to meet the discerning tastes of the Elite Traveler loyal readers); and 3) the watches could not have received prior print coverage in the magazine.

Additionally, brands could not have entries in multiple categories.

In fact, the 50 top watches fall into one of these nine categories: Astronomical Watches, Chronographs, Calendars, Complications, Innovations, High-Jeweled, Métiers d’ Arts, Skeletons and Sport Watches. Also included were a number of "honorable mentions."

All watch brands named in "The Top 50 Watches of 2017" will receive a certificate from Elite Traveler Magazine honoring them for being selected. Additionally, many watch brand executives — as well as collectors — will be attending the grand Cover Party at our Wempe Jewelers New York store later this week.

We are very happy to say that here at Wempe we carry a majority of the brands that grace the 18-page special section in Elite Traveler Magazine. In fact, of our more than 30 brands, just about 20 are represented in Elite Traveler's Top 50. (Some of our more affordable brands did not make the cut because of the retail price point criteria).

Stop in any time to see the brands of Elite Traveler's "Top 50 Watches of 2017." For the full story and all 50 picks, visit Elite Traveler Magazine.