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Car and watch lovers take note, TAG Heuer has unveiled the new Special Edition Monaco watch that commemorates the 50th anniversary of the famed Gulf Racing stripes. The square-shaped chronograph features the Gulf Racing stripes in all their colorful blue and orange appeal, along with the Gulf logo on the watch dial.

The first Monaco watch was unveiled to the world in 1969 and is the first Swiss-made automatic chronograph that was both square and waterproof. It was released in honor of Heuer's long-standing relationship with the Monaco Brand Prix. That first watch featured a metallic blue dial, domed crystal and a crown positioned on the left side of the case. It was powered by the Caliber 11 — the brand's first automatic chronograph movement. The watch was immediately identifiable from across a crowded room.

Steve McQueen wore a Monaco 1133B Calibre 11 automatic timepiece in the 1971 film Le Mans — winning it a legendary place in watch and car history. McQueen’s character was sponsored by Gulf Oil and his Porsche 917 car was decorated with the Gulf Stripes.

This makes the new watch ever more special. It is powered by the TAG Heuer Caliber 11 and offers 48 hours of power reserve. The 39mm case is crafted in steel with a steel bezel and domed sapphire crystal. The watch, with perforated blue leather strap with orange stitching, is water resistant to 100 meters. The dial has a blue sun ray, and blue and orange Gulf stripes. We are excited to have this watch in our store by mid-September. In the meantime, stop in and see our great assortment of TAG Heuer Monaco watches.


TAG Heuer officially unveiled its newest smart watch at Baselworld. It's called the Connected Modular 45 and it is Made in Switzerland (thanks to a clever move to assemble parts of the electronic module in that country). The new watch is offered in a modular format so customers can select various aspects of the watch to suit their needs — with thousands of different combinations of straps, dials, bezels and more.

The 45mm watch is powered by Intel and utilizes the Google Android Wear 2 operating system.The watch is offered with a digital head, but customers can also choose to buy a mechanical watch head so they can switch between having a smart watch or a mechanical watch, or to keep the timepiece intact as a watch once the OS becomes outdated.

The electronic watch head is powered by the Intel Atom processor Z34XX series (smaller and more energy efficient) and offers Android Pay, as well as a host of other features. The watch has in improved screen, which features a bright, colorful AMOLED display. Additionally, the watch uses a rotating command crown to scroll through menus and messages. It houses a new generation lithium battery for 24 hours of active power.


In a big announcement, Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer has unveiled its newest fresh face for women's watches in its "Don't Crack Under Pressure" ad campaign: supermodel Bella Hadid. Signed to IMG Models, the 20-year-old has already walked the runways for some of the finest fashion houses in the world, including Chanel, Givenchy, Dior, Versace, Fendi, Michael Kors and Victoria's Secret. Additionally, she was named the ambassador for Dior Makeup last year. Her sister Gigi is also a model, as was their mother before them.

“My family taught me to be strong and confident. I believe that everything happens for a reason and no matter what it is that happens, you will get through it," says Hadid.

Heading into the TAG Heuer relationship, the brand released a teaser video revealing that Hadid spent 1,500 hours in six-inch heels and made 34 wardrobe changes in fewer than 10 seconds — signifying that she doesn't crack under pressure. The new TAG Heuer ads with Hadid are shot by American photographer Cass Bird.


Says Hadid, “I have always thought that watches are very classic. When you wear one it is classy and beautiful. I also think their ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ message is incredible; it is about being strong and this is who I am.”

Appearing with Hadid at the big announcement in New York City was Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of the LVMH watch division, who said the campaign should bring a new millennial customer to the brand.


As usual, TAG Heuer loves to give us exciting news at BaselWorld — and exciting products. Here we are, just six months after the release of the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 Manufacture-made chronograph, and the brand releases the all-new TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T, a COSC-certified automatic chronograph chronometer with a titanium and carbon flying tourbillon.

This is the only COSC-certified automatic chronograph with tourbillon produced by the Swiss watch industry for under 15,000 CHF (Swiss Francs), about $15,400. There is also a Black Phantom version (priced slightly higher at 19,900 CHF, about $20,400) that is being built in a limited edition of 250 numbered pieces.


Building the watch posed several challenges to the brand's R&D department, including how to house a single barrel, chronograph functions, automatic winding mechanism and flying tourbillon within a 32mm diameter. They figured it out... and the watch now houses a lightweight tourbillon that is hand crafted by four watchmakers. The watch offers 65 hours of power reserve.


Last week in New York, TAG Heuer unveiled its new Connected watch. The brand had announced earlier in the year — at Baselworld 2015 — that it would have a new "smartwatch" out by the end of the year. True to form, the Connected watch — created in cooperation with Google and Intel — has arrived.


According to TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver, who introduced the much-anticipated TAG Heuer Connected watch along with top executives from Intel and Google, the watch celebrates a grand marriage of connecting America and Switzerland, and the Silicon Valley with the Swiss Watch Valley.

The TAG Heuer Connected watch has a 46mm Grade 2 titanium case made in Switzerland and is powered by a computerized movement with Google Operating System. Compatible with Droid and other phones, the watch can also operate without a phone nearby, thanks to its wi-fi connectivity abilities.


Offered in several different versions, it is a 46mm watch that looks like the much-loved Carrera, but is connected. The watch is offered with rubber strap in black or in an array of seven different colors. The dial offers a choice of three different TAG Heuer dials: a chronograph, three-hands or GMT. The chronograph is a working function operated via a tap on the screen to start it and stop it. Tap the screen twice and it resets. All other operations are implemented via the crown, which acts as the Connected watch’s main control.

The watch uses Bluetooth LE technology or Wi-Fi connectivity to connect to the smartphone. With 4GB of onboard storage for apps and media, it offers fitness data and notifications via a vibration (there is no speaker). The TAG Heuer Connected watch offers 30 hours of battery life with normal use, and is sold with a USB charging dock. Purchasers of the watch can also gain access to other specially made features and apps.

The watch retails for $1,500, with a unique option. After the two-year plan is up, the owner can trade the watch in at an authorized TAG Heuer retailer and, along with paying another $1,500, receive a mechanical Carrera.

Montoya pulls out in front of Power to win the Indy 500.

Juan Pablo Montoya pulls out in front of Will Power to win the Indy 500.

TAG Heuer is a brand long associated with automobile racing. Its history is rooted in vintage rallies and top-speed competitions. Having been involved in the Carrera Pan Americana border-to-border races of the mid-1950s and, decades later, playing a role on the wrist of legendary actor/race car drivers, such as Paul Newman and Steve McQueen, the brand continues to sponsor and be the official timer of a host of important auto races around the world.

Vintage TAG Heuer Monaco on the wrist

Vintage TAG Heuer Monaco on the wrist.

Just this past weekend, TAG Heuer not only sponsored and timed the Monaco Grand Prix, but also acted as Official Timekeeper of the world-famous Indianapolis 500. This race is as American as it gets. Held in the race capital of America, the Indy 500 is all-American racing at its finest.

Coming down the straight away toward the first corner of the 2.5 mile Indy track, where 200 laps equal 500 miles.

Coming down the straightaway toward the first corner of the 2.5 mile Indy track, where 200 laps equal 500 miles.

What may have been most superb about Sunday’s race — which got off to slow start thanks to an immediate caution — were the final few laps. Juan Pablo Montoya and Will Power were neck in neck to the finish until Montoya sped out ahead and took the win in the final lap. The exhilarating and exciting finish marks Montoya's second Indy 500 victory. While Scot Dixon also traded the top three spots intermittently with Power and Montoya, in the end, after Montoya, Power finished second, Charlie Kimball third and Dixon came in fourth.

Patrick Dempsey in the TAG  Heuer "Don't Crack Under Pressure" ad

Patrick Dempsey in the TAG Heuer "Don't Crack Under Pressure" ad.

As the official timekeeper of the Indy 500, TAG Heuer also brought Patrick Dempsey, actor and racecar driver, to the races where he took time to discuss the challenges of racing at these high speeds — where Indycars are running at well over 200 miles per hour for 500 miles. Dempsey, a WEC (World Endurance Championship) racer is also a TAG Heuer brand ambassador. In fact, he will be competing in upcoming WEC races. Dempsey wears a vintage TAG Heuer Monaco on his wrist that he purchased before he even began his partnership with the brand.

We carry a host of TAG Heuer watches that convey the thrill of high-performance racing on the wrist. Stop by anytime.


It was at BaselWorld 2015 last month that TAG Heuer announced the new Carrera Heuer 01 timepiece — a watch with a new case design, new construction and an all-new, in-house-made movement. The chronograph is referred to lovingly as the 01, in honor of founder Edouard Heuer (who started the company back in 1860).


The timepiece, destined to be in stores this summer/fall, features an intriguing column-wheel chronograph with open-worked date disk on the dial, while the case back shows the column wheel in red. It is a stunning visual anchor against the titanium carbide-coated steel that not only gives the watch its dark black appeal, but also offers greater shock resistance. The case is actually made as a modular piece with 12 different parts (instead of the previously used single block of steel). By offering a multi-part case, the anticipation is that TAG Heuer will eventually introduce different combinations of materials, colors and finishes.


The coolest thing about this new mechanism is that it has been in continuous development and improvement over the past half a decade and, as such, the production costs are carefully managed. It will be the only 100 percent Manufacture-made Chronograph to retail for less than 5000 Swiss francs. This will translate to a nice U.S. price when it makes its way to stores later this year.


Long involved in the world of automobile racing, rallies and even auto-inspired movies, TAG Heuer propels this DNA to new heights with the news that the brand has become the Official Timekeeper and Official Watch Partner of Nissan NISMO — just in time for the LeMans 24 and the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC).


With a tag line of "Don’t Crack Under Pressure,” TAG Heuer is all about endurance, strength and precision. The brand made the bold move of announcing the relationship on Super Bowl Sunday, when Nissan used a commercial to unveil its new GT-R LM NISMO (Nissan Motorsport International Limited) car that will race in the WEC. While the red car sped across TV screens, TAG Heuer’s logos were highly visible on the car and driver overalls.

Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer and President of the Watch division of LVMH group, says this alliance drives home the brand’s commitment to motor sports: “TAG Heuer’s legitimate ties to endurance races in motor sports are without rival. I wanted an innovating partner to come back on these tracks. Nissan NISMO is the perfect challenger, a pioneer regarding the technology of the car and regarding its way to communicate specifically with the young through their massive presence on social media.”

The new Nissan GT-R LM NISMO testing in preparation for its 2015 FIA World Endurance Championship and Le Mans 24 Hours debut.

Indeed, the Nissan NISMO is packed with key technological innovations, including a front-engine, front-wheel-drive car powered by a V6 3-litre twin turbo petrol engine and a kinetic energy recovery system.

TAG Heuer will serve as the official timekeeper and watch for Nissan NISMO. The watch of choice: the Monaco Chronograph. The drivers wear a Monaco chronograph, a tribute to Steve McQueen, and to the legendary movie, Le Mans, wherein the blue-eyed icon was wearing the blue-squared Monaco chronograph. Stop in and see our wonderful collection of TAG Heuer watches.

Oracle-Team-USA3 New Oracle Team USA wristwatch technology designed with TAG Heuer.

With summer in full swing and water sports happening in all their glory, it's a good time to talk about how some watch brands keep pace — continually creating new technology to time sports.

Such is the case with TAG Heuer, which last summer — for the 34th America’s Cup —unveiled some new professional timing for Oracle Team USA in its continual efforts to improve technology and offer cutting-edge timepieces.  That particular technology was the result of the brand's R&D department working side by side with Oracle Team USA to co-invent onboard connectivity equipment and intelligent smart watches so each crew member could have instant access to crucial race data in real time.

tagaquaracer1 The specially developed watch gives each sailor exactly what he needs on board the ship.

The system uses special editions of the commercial Aquaracer 500M Calibre 72 Countdown chronograph, customized for each sailor’s specific tasks and wirelessly linked directly to the boat’s onboard computers. The optimized high-contrast LED screen displays constantly updated information on the boat, such as speed, foil balance, sail pressure, true wind speed, true wind direction and true wind angle.

Connected to captors and computers located at the home base of Oracle Team USA and throughout the boat, the real-time data stream allowed for strong and swift reactions. Easy to read with a wide-open 51mm face, it weighs only 108 g and is impact resistant to 5000 G.


TAG Heuer drew technical inspiration from its watch, eyewear and other divisions. The Aquaracer 72 used patented splashproof technology, first used in TAG Heuer eyewear. The data processing equipment on board the 72-foot catamaran was waterproofed using technology developed for the TAG Heuer Monaco chrono.

For the watches worn by Oracle Team USA’s grinders — the sailors who man the boat’s winches during the crucial pre-start and tacking duels — the brand developed a special “heads-up display” with polarizing lens based on TAG Heuer Eyewear-developed photochromic technology. Jimmy Spithill, the team’s skipper, communicated with his crew on a waterproof phone, the Racer Sub Nano, strapped to his forearm, and outfitted with TAG Heuer Meridiist mobile telephony technology.

Only 50 of this special Aquaracer 72 were produced to equip the team (though TAG Heuer created a limited-edition version: the AQUARACER 500M Calibre 72 Countdown Automatic Chronograph 43mm for the outside world). The true glory of this project was to improve technology in sports timing and lay the groundwork for new inventions.

Oracle Team USA in San Francisco for America's Cup 2013
Oracle Team USA in San Francisco for America’s Cup 2013